Freight Transportation and Moving Services

We offer the full range of freight transportation services and moving / relocation services, always taking care that you benefit of the best support from our team.

We connect your business

Your company needs the best suppliers in order to be profitable. Sometimes, the main suppliers can be miles away, and the transportation process is very complex. From fixed delivery terms to customs procedures or the estabblishment of efficient routes, there are many aspects that make a delivery to be effective or not.

From general freight to industries such as textiles, furniture, auto or agriculture, we offer specialised transportation services.

At Volsped we make sure that your goods reach the destination in the best conditions and that you benefit of an excellent support when you need information. That's because we want to be your transportation supplier, a long-term partner.

Freight transportation services for any industry

Stress-free Moving / Relocation Services

When we plan a move, we think first of all how we can make your involvement as small as possible. We first ask you all the details we need and we propose you the option customized to your budget.

At Volsped you get a price offer in less than 30 minutes, with all the services and details included, even if you are moving to another continent. Our team is working in order to offer you complete solutions and to answer you easily even after the move.

For moving services in Bucharest, or from Bucharest to any destination, at Volsped it is free of charge to plan an evaluation of the place from which you are moving.

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