About us

Below you may find details about our history, vision and principles.

We have been active for more than 10 years in the European and international market, surpassing our customers’ expectations with the care we give to every detail, through the readiness and seriousness with which we respond to their requests. By acting on a permanent basis as a trusted partner, we retain our customers and strengthen our long-term business relationships.

We offer freight transportation services and national and international moving services, both for companies and for individuals.

We support industry and trade in the local and global exchange of goods through road, rail, air and sea freight transportation. We have developed both general freight transportation and specialized freight transportation (oversized goods, refrigerated goods, ADR – dangerous goods, grains and oilseeds, textiles and garments, vehicles etc.).

Our organizational structure allows us to react in a flexible manner and make quick decisions to the needs of permanent market change. We are an experienced and involved team, focused on efficiency and added value for each action taken together.

The company’s activities started in 2007 with domestic and international transportation of general goods, local moves in Bucharest or domestic moves in any locality in Romania. As early as 2008, we began to organize relocations in Europe. We are proud of having more than 1.500 residential and corporate / office moves successfully completed by road in localities from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic etc. Starting 2009 we have developed projects and expanded our relationships for transportation by sea and by air to destinations in the USA, Sudan, Egypt, Canada etc. At the same time we started the first road transportation projects for special goods.

At present, Volsped’s main activity is focused on transportation management, contributing daily, with a growing volume, to the quick and professional delivery of it’s customers’ goods both in Romania and other countries in Europe and the world.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer the full range of freight transportation solutions, no matter the type of goods or the transportation mean. Our priority is and will remain serving our customers at the highest level.
We want to know that our existence leads to a better world. That tens or thousands of millions of tons of goods have successful reached the customers by sea, by air, by train or by Europe’s roads. That throughout the interaction with us, our customers will say: “So yes!” That our team will feel extraordinary well working here and that everyone will be able to do their job in a professional manner and also with passion. That we have developed within Volsped and that in turn we convey the message of a better world.
At Volsped we support and engage in environmental and anti-pollution causes. We invite you to send your suggestions at office@volsped.ro.

Our driving values

Respect & integrity

In everything we do we put people and relationships first.

Exceptional service

It is the only way we can get success.

Work perfection

Only with passion we can get remarkable results.

Social contribution

Through quality work, the benefits extend beyond us.

Our team

Our team is the one who gives life to all the actions. Young and energetic, passionate and dedicated, we are always taking care that everything goes well. We respect Volsped values and we do everything we can to finally know that together we have contributed to achieving the main goal: customer satisfaction.

Diana Ojică


Adelin Dragu

Transportation services

Eusebiu Butnaru

Team leader

Diana Mircea

Customer care

Florin Iordache

Moving services

Do you want to be a part of Volsped team?

We are constantly looking for the best and most talented colleagues, even when we do not have certain job openings published on our website.
If transportation is your passion, send us your CV at office@volsped.ro. We have the opportunity of working together in a dynamic and challenging environment.

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