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1What kind of companies are accepted as partners?
Any logistics company that shares our values is welcomed. You can be a shipping company, expedition house, storage company, transportation broker etc.
2How can we become partners?
In order to become a Volsped partner, please fill in the below form. Our colleagues will then check the data and introduce it into our system.
3What are the eligibility criteria?
The company has to be at least 2 years old in the market and should not have any claims for payment or transportation in the last 6 months. In case of freight transportation companies, the vehicles registered in the system must have valid insurances and payment confirmations and comply with the pollution rules imposed in the states in which they will travel.
4What is the payment term for freight transportation?
In your shipping orders you will find all the necessary details about the payment method agreed with Volsped. The general term is 45 days after receiving the documents but it may vary. There is the possibility of negotiating fast payments against a discount, so we can pay in 5-10 days after receiving the documents. There is no possibility to pay at unloading of goods.
5How can I find details about a payment?
Organizing your payments is automatically made based upon the details you will find in the shipping order and in the confirmation of the receipt of your documents. Payments are made on the due date or on the first business day thereafter. Our payments can be made in EUR or RON. If your invoice due date has been exceeded, make sure that the invoice is not due on weekends, that you checked your bank account (EUR/RON) or that the shipment has been completed in full accordance with the shipping order.
For further details please contact us by email or by phone.

Become a partner

We want to work with companies that share the same values as we do and we are open to win-win collaborations. Whether you are a shipping company, an expedition house or a customs commissioning company, we are open to new collaborations.

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