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Below you may find the answers to the frequently asked questions from our customers.
If you have not found the information you were looking for, please contact us. It is our pleasure to answer your questions. .

Customer information for moves / furniture transportation

1Why should I choose Volsped?
Since 2007 we’re investing in order to make sure that you get the following benefits::
  • Quick answers and optimal solutions
  • Transparency and flexibility from our side
  • Organize every logistic detail and fair prices
  • Protection of your goods during the entire transportation process
  • Kind and serious staff who is ready to offer you their entire support
At Volsped, there is no possibility that the team will not show up, to change the confirmed price from the offer or not finishing what we have started. All this information will also be available in the price offer.
2What is the cost of moving goods?
Every move is different and that’s why the prices can’t be generally applicable. The final price depends on several factors: the distance (locally in Bucharest, in Romania or abroad), the floors, the elevators, the volume etc. Based on the information you send to us, we calculate the fair price with the help of our software and we send you the customized offer as soon as possible.
3How is the price calculated?
At Volsped your offer is automatically calculated based on the information you send to us. The calculation is based on thousands of available variables or details, in order to be extremely accurate. Starting with the exact distance of route to the volume to be relocated, the required team or the way of placing the goods in the vehicle, nothing is random.
As soon as we have all the necessary data to prepare the price offer, you will receive it by email.
4Why there are no surprises?
If our offer is advantageous and you schedule a move order, you will be able to permanently keep track of its status. We automatically provide the entire information flow between you, our Customer Care department and the moving team. In this way the field team knows what objects has to move, and you know what services you will get.
All this information is written in your offer in order to permanently keep it at your fingertips in the simplest way.
5How do I get an estimated / final price offer?
The main information we need is: the departure and arrival areas (or cities), the floors from both addresses, if there are elevators and the list of goods you want to move.
The prices can be estimated, if you want to refine the details or final if you have set all the details.
You may get the price offer using the following methods:
  • By phone: (+4) 0740 029 300
  • By e-mail: office@volsped.ro
  • By contact form
  • By ask for a quote form
  • At our office in Bucharest
6How long before do you recommend to make an appointment?
For weekends, the beginning or end of the month and before important holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter), we recommend you to schedule an order at least two weeks ahead, depending also on the volume to move.
For other periods, a few days or a week are enough.

The above recommendations are made based on the average numbers of the previous year’s moves.
7Do you have staff for handling and disassembly?
Of course. Our team is involved in dissembling of goods, protecting and packing them, loading in vans of trucks, unloading at destination and placement as required. Furthermore, our colleagues who deal with handling take part periodically at trainings about furniture (chipboard, accessories, fittings etc.).
8What kind of vehicles you send?
Before sending you a vehicle, we calculate the volume using over 6000 products from our database. Depending on these and the access to the parking spots, we propose the right vehicles (between 13 and 96 cubic meters). All our vehicles are tracked through Track GPS, available 24/7, are clean and ready for any move or furniture transportation.
9Do you offer moves in the country or abroad?
Of course, we offer furniture transportation solutions both in Romania and abroad.
We make international transportation by road in Europe using vans or trucks of up to 22 tons.
In the case of transportation by air or by sea, the transportation can be made door-to-door or to the nearest airport / port.
10Do you have a transportation insurance?
Yes, it is at least 10.000 EUR / transportation for vans and between 50.000 and 100.000 EUR for trucks.
11What kind of protection materials do you use?
In addition to standard fabrics, we offer the following protection materials:
CO3 or CO5 cardboard boxes
Stretch foil
Bubble foil
Paper for crockery
Adhesive tape
Boxes with clothes hangers
Sponge: 1-5 cm
Corrugated board
Polystyrene spheres
and so on.
12Can I get a discount?
If you already are a customer, our offers include an automatic discount.
There are also various promotions or occasional discounts that you will find in our offer.
Prices can also be reduced by adjusting the influencing factors (e.g. reducing the team), by the flexibility of the day of moving etc.
13How do I know that I am hiring a serious moving company?
There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a moving company: whether they exist or not as a company, what is their experience in the field of moves, what is their portfolio, what are the opinions of their customers, what is their policy in case of damages etc. (find more information at Tips and tricks for choosing a moving company). Make sure that after submitting a complete and detailed inventory, you receive an estimate by email;, with a fixed price and with details about the included services. A serious moving company can’t give you instantly a price quote by phone, without having to write down the inventory, without calculating the distance traveled, the volume to relocate, the duration of the move, the number of people needed for the move or the protection materials needed for your goods. Make sure that you have everything in writing and that you are well informed, in order to avoid cheating or hidden costs.
14Do you make sure that my data is confidential?
The privacy of your data is one of the most important things to us. For this reason, all the offers are disabled after the order has been completed or within 30 days since the offer has been sent by email. Also, all printed order forms that the moving teams are using are destroyed in a supervised environment and DO NOT include the full name, phone number, email address and unloading address. Also, throughout the shipment, the vehicle is monitored through the GPS track system.
15What else do I need to know?
In addition to these frequently asked questions, you need to make sure that you get an answer for all the questions you might have. A serious moving company can give you all the answers and can remove any stress factor by understanding your needs and presenting the optimal solution.