International moves

With the experience we gained since 2007 in international moves, no location is inaccessible for the delivery of your goods.
The moving can be done by road, by air or by sea.

We know how stressful the relocation of a home or the relocation of a company is even in Bucharest, the more we understand everything that involves to plan an international transportation or an international move.As beautiful are the changes and the new beginnings, as hard might seem to organize a move to the other end of the world. You have enough to solve before you leave and only a little time to spend together with your beloved ones. It is our pleasure to contribute to the pleasant experiences of our customers’ lives and we have all the necessary resources in order to organize international moves at competitive prices. Every move has its particularities, so we will first ask which are your needs in order to find the optimal transportation option. For international moves in the European Union, we have three different transportation options with various services and costs in order to make sure that we offer the most appropriate solutions. Throughout our activity, we have successfully relocated to every continent, and especially to countries such as the US, Canada, United Arab Emirates or Australia.

There are many factors that influence the price calculations and the duration of an international move. For example, the furniture transportation service by air is more expensive that transportation by sea but it is much faster.

Full logistics

We use all the available resources in order to transport your goods to any port or airport in the world. We help you with preparing the customs’ documents or packing lists.
  • Free advice and support from an ARR licensed transport manager during the entire duration of the move
  • Customized price offering based on budget and the identified needs
  • Insurance for the transported goods
  • Efficient and professional packaging of goods shipped by road, by sea or by air
  • Support for preparing the customs’ documents
  • Home relocation in another European Union member state, with handling services included
  • Relocation of a company branch in another country of the European Union, with handling services included
  • Relocation of goods in the US, Canada or another continent with customs’ services included
  • Shipping the goods in another country in grouping system, when you do not need unloading services

International moves in the European Union

We are at your disposal whenever you want to move your home to another European Union country and you need handling services both during loading and unloading. We come to you free of charge for an evaluation because it is very important to know exactly what is the volume to relocate, when the transportation needs to be done and for sending you a price offer that includes the ideal solution. We take care of the entire process and we present you the steps we want to follow. We prepare together the moving plan, according to your schedule and needs, and then everything remains in our charge.

Corporate international moves

We have often made international transports for companies that either closed a branch in another country or opened a new branch and they have transported here some of their office or personal belongings. Similar to international home relocations, the evaluation is essential in order to avoid any inconvenience that might arise. We had as customers companies that we moved from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic to Romania and with which we conducted evaluations via Skype, because it is extremely important that someone who has experience calculates the volume of the goods, determines the complexity of assembly, the materials needed for a proper packaging etc.

Experience in relocations since 2007

We have the experience and knowledge needed to carry your goods anywhere in the world. We are always looking for the best solutions in order to make sure that we can offer you excellent services at competitive prices. No matter how many resources are involved for organizing an overseas shipping, we are happy to deal with all the details needed for planning. We set an evaluation, we clarify the expectations for an international transport, we send you a complete moving offer that includes all the necessary details, so that you will always know what are the next steps in order to comply with the plan. We take care of all the details, starting with wrapping of the goods up to checking the necessary documentation and insurance.

Lower prices

If you don’t need unloading services for the goods you want to ship, and you need only disassembly, wrapping and loading services, we provide you international transportation services in grouping system. The transportation can be made by us, in case we already have goods for that area or by a transportation partner that has goods to be transported to your destination. All our partners have insurance of minimum 10.000 EUR and through our work procedures they are checked before each order. Our team is responsible of monitoring the vehicles in order to be able to respond you in real time regarding where your furniture or goods are located.

Wrapping for storage or for transportation

We offer packaging services for customers who move from the country and need to store the goods, for our partners who deal with shipments by sea or by air, for corporate customers who transport furniture and equipments to another country on their own etc. We know exactly what each transportation means and which are the conditions under which the goods are relocated. Depending upon the requested transportation services, we will find the best solution for wrapping your furniture, electronic equipments and your personal belongings.

After evaluation we offer you all the necessary details

  • The volume you have to relocate
  • The necessary protection materials
  • The recommended transportation type and availability
  • Copy of insurance
  • The draft contract together with all the documents required for transportation
  • The working plan
Ask for a free evaluation
Only words of praise to Volsped team. I had to carry, in addition to the usual boxes, an enormous LCD TV from a Romanian town on the edge of the Danube to Cergy, France. The price was by far the lowest of all the offers we received from other companies. The loading was made punctually and efficiently and the delivery was made in the morning, also very efficiently. The driver was very supportive, helping with the unloading and transportation, a very kind and friendly man. Mountains of thanks to Diana Mircea who kept me 100% informed during all the transportation process, plus the one hour warning that was made during the weekend (outside the working hours). I am very pleased and I recommend the Volsped team with warmth!

Cezar V., Cergy, France

With an extensive experience in furniture transportation services and international moves, Volsped offers solutions tailored to your needs and budget.
The relocation within the legal framework of each transited state is essential for the proper course of the operation.