ADR goods transportation (dangerous goods transportation)

According to laws and regulations in force, certain goods are considered to have a certain degree of danger / risk, that’s why Volsped will propose appropriate ADR transportation solutions in a safe manner.

The European ADR Agreement has established 13 classes of dangerous substances in terms of transportation. When we say dangerous goods we refer to substances and objects that through their physico-chemical nature could harm people and / or harm the environment.

We list a few of these substances: explosive substances and objects, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solid substance, substances that spontaneously ignite, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, corrosive substances.

According to the European Agreement concering the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), a vehicle carrying dangerous goods must have protective equipment.

Volsped, through its partners, offers you vehicles in accordance with legal standards, that meet all the necessary conditions to carry ADR cargo shipments.

Vehicles have distinctive identification signs – orange reflective plates specific to the transportation of dangerous goods.

The driver has ADR kit, which contains the following: reflective vest – fluorescent, goggles, gloves, protective apron, protective boots, gas mask, protective filter, helmet, portable lantern. For protection, the vehicles are also equipped with fire extinguishers and warning triangles.

You have the guarantee that all our transportations are carried out with maximum safety and professionalism.