Oversized freight transportation

Volsped provides you brokerage services at competitive prices, both at national and intra-communitary level. We are at your disposal whenever you need to transport goods that exceed the weight or dimensions authorized by law for road freight transportation. The oversized freight transportation can be done with flat-bad trucks with a length of 13,6 m and a useful load of 20 tons. This is the cheap transportation option and if the dimensions and the weight exceed the limits allowed by law, the transport will be carried out with specialized trailers.

Goods that might require oversized transportation

  • Agricultural machinery and tractors
  • Asphalting stations
  • Building equipment
  • Pre-built houses
  • Boards, boilers, castings, metal ingots
  • Ship equipment
  • Wind power plants
  • Metal or wood structures
  • Any other heavy machinery, vehicles, equipment, etc.

The transportation price includes

  • Special authorization for oversized transportation
  • Transportation project
  • Route studies
  • Authorized civilian escort
  • Police escort