Vehicles / Cars transportation

We have modern tracking equipment, so the Volsped team can provide accurate information about vehicles positioning at any time.

We transport in Romania and abroad new, used or damaged vehicles, on any route in Europe. Whether it is export or import, we have logistical solutions to transport by road up to 200 vehicles / cars per week in the European Union. We also offer sea freight transportation solutions for vehicles, when you want to deliver your car to another continent.

Although the most common transit countries for these types of transportation are Germany, Great Britain or France, we also regularly import or export from/to Sweden and Denmark. On request we also transport small goods like boats, motorcycles, ATVs or large vehicles such as tractor heads or agricultural machines of various sizes.

What benefits do we offer?

  • Offer readiness, speed in finding the solution, transportation safety
  • Delivery of vehicles to the customer’s address
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles is carried out by qualified staff
  • We provide real-time monitoring and information throughout the entire journey when the transportation is made with vehicles from our own fleet
  • Discounts for loyal customers
  • We offer insurance of up to 200.000 euros for vehicles transportation
  • Cars pick-up and delivery are based upon full documentation

For any information related to the vehicles transportation services on the platfom, and in order to make a reservation or a transportation order, you may contact us by phone or by e-mail.
Phone: +4 0740 029 300
E-mail: office@volsped.ro