Grains and oilseeds transportation

We transport grains and oilseeds both in Romania and abroad, in full legality, respecting the hygiene and food safety rules.

We ensure the transportation of grains and oilseeds regardless the quantities, for all agricultural areas in the country in the shortest time, and our transportation services are recognized for efficiency and readiness.

Our company collaborates with carriers with experience in the transportation of grains, which comply with all the conditions of the law specific to this field. Road transportation is carried out with CMR insurance owned by carriers and with our civil liability insurance. Through our partners, we have a high performance fleet equipped with modern and efficient means of transportation, specialized in the transportation of various types of grains and technical plants, as well as crop inputs needed for the establishments of crops.

The staff providing transportation services is qualified and has the necessary experience to guarantee the high performance of these services.
Through our partners, we also carry out grains and oilseeds transportation by rail, by river and by sea.

We are prepared to meet the requests of transportation of grains and oilseed throughout the year, both during peak periods, during and outside harvesting campaigns.
We honor our customers’ requirements in a quick manner and we offer them the best transportation solution.

By focusing on the quality and readiness of our services, Volsped has permanently expanded over the last few years. We are now able to guarantee the transportation of grains and oilseeds in the shortest time anywhere on the territory of Romania as well as abroad.

For information on the transportation of cereals, please visit our contact page and call us or send us a message. Depending upon the nature of your request, you will receive and offer with prices and shipping and delivery terms.