Refrigerated freight transportation

If the freight you want to transport is within the perishable goods category, we offer you refrigerated freight transportation services, with temperatures between -20 and +25 degrees, in order to ensure an optimal environment for your goods.

The refrigerated freight transportation splits into two categories:

  • Freeze transportation when you have to transport frozen goods at temperatures of -15/-20 degrees, such as frozen fish or frozen meat.
  • Refrigerated transportation when you have to transport goods that need only cooling and keeping a certain temperature during the whole duration of transportation, such as fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat, flowers and decorative plants, animal carcasses, drugs etc.
The refrigerated freight transportation is made with refrigerated trucks with capacity between 1,5 tons and 22 tons, equipped with temperature control systems and CMR insurance. Animal carcasses can be easily transported hooked in specialized containers. Small perishable goods can be transported overlapped without the risk of crushing using Doppelstock containers. In case you have to transport two types of goods with different storage temperatures, in the same transport, you can rent a container with a partition wall in order to adapt the temperature according to the optimum environment for each type of commodity.