Road freight transportation

Do you have goods to transport? We offer you the right solutions in the shortest time possible, no matter the needed volume for transportation, both in Romania and abroad.

3,5 tons vehicles for light freight transportation

3,5 tons vehicles are ideal when you need to transport light freight. Whether it is a long distance or a local transportation, where the access to parking spots is difficult, using these vehicles has multiple benefits. In this case, transit time is significantly reduced compared to using trucks and the access in most of the cities is made without additional taxes or authorizations. These vehicles can be loaded using forklifts and also manually, with the support of the people from the loading deposit. The 3,5 tons vehicles may transport goods with a weight between 0,9 – 1,5 tons and can be organized both exclusive and in grouping system.

Together with our partners we may transport goods from or to you using thousands of vehicles available both in Romania and abroad, at the smallest prices.

Freight transportation with trucks between 7,5 to 24 tons

Your delivery or supply needs may be diverse, that’s why we successfully cover the full range of trucks needed to get the goods to their destination, regardless of the shipment’s volume or weight. Even if you are an exporter or an importer, we can offer you the freight solutions tailored to your specific needs at a particular moment, or to your general needs, under a distribution contract.

No matter the country of import or export, we find the right truck for you in the shortest time. And if you are a carrier, you may become a transportation partner in the Volsped network.

Benefits for our customers

  • Save the time you spend for finding carriers
  • Save money due to the modern management solutions that we apply through cutting-edge technologies
  • Get quick responses to answer your needs
  • Documentation according to your request and needs
  • Dedicated personnel, applying your requests
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Get the best value for money ratio out of thousands of available options