Furniture transportation services

We offer you clean vans and trucks, monitored by Track GPS systems, available 24/7. You get the right vehicle in the shortest time, in any area in Bucharest.
Echipa de transport mobilă

Furniture transportation and property protection

Beyond pricing or the simple nature, at the first glance, of furniture transportation services, it is good to make sure that your goods will be relocated in good enough conditions in order to reach the destination in the same condition. This requires driving with care and drivers’ responsibility and the availability of the materials necessary to protect the furniture. At Volsped you will always find vehicles equipped with materials, drivers trained for such operations and competitive prices.

Our team is at your disposal if you need to disassembly, wrap or label the furniture. We have all the solutions needed in order to offer a full range of auxiliary services to the transportation service.

6 benefits offered by Volsped

In the center of our attention there are always our customers and we do our best in order to offer the best services for them.

Watch the delivery online, in Bucharest, in Romania or abroad

You move your home or your office and among the most important things for you are having the necessary support during the relocation, get answers to all your questions, making sure that all your goods reach your destination or seeing the company’s staff that will handle the operation. Through 24/7 GPS monitoring, we can respond in real time where the goods are located, regardless of whether the vehicle is moving in Bucharest, Romania or abroad.


Your transportation is secured

You move from Bucharest to another city in the country and you are looking for a furniture transportation company that has all the necessary resources and offers a fair price. We offer you vans and trucks with an insurance of minimum 10.000 EUR / transport, equipped with protection materials, driven by drivers who are trained to wrap and fix the furniture in the vehicle. The 10.000 EUR insurance is provided free of charge and can be extended to any value. The insurance calculation must be made objectively, as access to the cities and especially to Bucharest is mainly made with vans of up to 24 cubic meters.

Ofertă de preț

You get a written price offer in less than 30 minutes

A written price offer for furniture transportation means infinitely more than a response you could get by phone from an agent. An immediate phone answer can’t be a real price calculation, because each move is different. It is impossible for someone to instantly calculate from experience the quantity (volume) to transport, what is the exact distance between locations, what is the need for protection materials etc. It is important for you to get a quick response, but it is equally important that it does not involve extra or hidden costs.

A written price offer for furniture transportation means no surprises for you.


Full or specialized work equipment

Do you have to move a safe box, an upright piano or a very heavy machine in Bucharest or around and you are afraid of everything that involves this kind of transport? Of course, you want a guarantee that nothing bad can happen. The Volsped team dedicated to these types of operations has an extensive experience in this field, always finds optimal solutions for new situations, has the necessary equipments and materials to make it easy. After performing the furniture transportation service, each disassembly / reassembly operation is made with professional tools.
You get all the support you need from our side in order to move simple or special items.


Proper wrapping

You need the proper wrapping of furniture and of personal / office effects for an international transport. We know exactly what protection materials are needed for every type of goods you want to ship by air, land or sea. Depending upon the type of transport you choose, make sure that the chosen relocation company knows for example what a sea transport with a high degree of moisture means and how to pack and protect the goods in order to get intact at the destination after a long journey.

Soluții complete

All furniture transportation solutions at hand and at advantageous prices

Do you need handling services to unload or load the goods without the need of a transportation made by Volsped? We provide you qualified, trained personnel who can handle the furniture disassembly, packing the fragile items, positioning and fixing all the things in the transportation vehicle according to the required standards. If the goods arrive with another carrier, we can arrange for the goods to be unloaded in Bucharest and if you need, we can also assembly the furniture, all at the best prices.

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The order starts

You instantly get back 5% of the value of the moving service if the moving vehicle is late in any area in Bucharest.
In the case of furniture transportation services with handling included outside Bucharest-Ilfov area, the daily allowance shall be paid for the moving team. The price calculation includes travel on the turn-back distance.