Textiles / Clothing transportation

Volsped offers advantageous solutions for the transportation of clothing and textiles, in terms of high performance, safety and readiness.

We use vans or semi-trailer trucks in order to transport textiles on pallets, in bags, in boxes or bales, as well as weather-sensitive goods.

Finished clothing needs specialized services and vehicles, dedicated to this type of transportation. That’s why we have specialized and fully equipped vans, of various capacities and we take care for each fabric to be transported in the best conditions, so that in reaches the destination in an intact manner.

Through our partners, we offer you a fully equipped car fleet, vans prepared for the transportation of clothing on coat hangers. The vehicles are equipped with 16-25 standers, divided into two rows. Each stender is equipped with hanger fastening systems in order to avoid detachment. They are chrome-plated to avoid rusting or dusting. According to the customer’s requirements and the characteristics of the transported goods, we have the possibility to increase or decrease the distance between the top and the bottom row, depending on the lengths of the garments.

Clothing transportations on coat hangers are carried out in a full our grouping system, with vans that can load a bar (grouping intro small capacity vans) up to 100 bars in vans of 20 tons.

All our vans are equipped with carpets in order to avoid damaging the garments when loading or unloading.

Volsped can deliver your goods both in Romania as well as in Europe. In case there is a flexibility of the transit time, we can offer you competitive prices thanks to the grouping system.
Because we seriously and professionally address every detail regarding our transportation services our customers consider us a reliable partner in the long run.


  • Permanent transportation tracking – starting with the moment when the goods are picked up and loaded up to the moment when the goods are unloaded and delivered to its destination
  • Garments have insurance throughout the transportation and in the event of incidents, we offer compensation
  • Our high performance tracking systems help us to keep an eye on how each transportation takes place. This way we can change the route whenever it is needed
  • We transport and deliver your garments at the highest safety standards
  • We are permanently optimizing costs according to the current market demands, our goal being to offer high quality services at an affordable cost